Kaylea Hayslett

Self care is something that has always been extremely important in my personal life and has been a driving motivation for my esthetics clients for the last 10 years of my career. With my transition from California to Oregon, that passion remains and is more evident than ever through my social outreach I have already established within the community. Guiding my clients in achieving healthy skin is something I truly take pride in. Through continuous education and staying current on the latest esthetics techniques, my knowledge and experience allow me to treat each client in their desired but most effective way.

Shannon Adamson

Being a full-time fitness model in competitive southern California for the past 6 years, I saw how an individual’s complexion had a direct correlation to their personal view and self-satisfaction with what they saw in the mirror. I’ve always had a secret passion for skincare, but really found my stride when I realized that beautiful skin builds the foundation for self-confidence. It was at that point that I knew I needed to break into the skincare industry, by pursuing a career in esthetics. Recently, after moving from southern California to Medford, I realized my passion by becoming fully immersed in the skincare world! With a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Dixie State University in southern Utah and my advanced estheticians license from Imani Institute of Cosmetology in Ashland, I am confident that my skill-sets will accommodate every client needs. Corrective skincare treatments and helping individuals age gracefully have become my driving motivations. Knowing this industry is constantly evolving with new techniques, I am determined to remain on the latest trends so I can provide the best services for my clients!

Makena DiCostanzo

I have a passion for all things skincare with an emphasis on corrective treatments. I personally struggled with acne for years and know the emotional toll it can have on one’s self esteem and quality of life. I strive to make everyone feel confident and beautiful in their skin as well as providing a relaxing and inviting environment. I love to create custom treatment plans and skincare regimens to achieve each client’s unique skincare goals. I appreciate each and every client I meet and am so thankful I have found my passion. I was born and raised in the Rogue Valley and have two little girls (16 months apart) that keep me on my toes! I enjoy being outdoors and staying active as well spending quality time with my family.

Amber Richardson

I was born and raised in Southern Oregon and received my LMT degree 11 years ago. I specialize in medical massage, with an intergratvie  approach. I was trained in a more medical atmosphere of chiropractic care, but started my career in a spa at Salon Vivid.  When working in medical massage, I learned a more holistic approach to healing. I offer a wide variety of massages and some of my most popular certified/ licensed massages are: therapeutic integrative massage, cupping, blading, therapeutic stretching, pregnancy massage, deep tissue, scar tissue cupping, pre- and post-surgical massage, and Ashiatsu barefoot massage. I continue to further my education each year with new innovative structures of healing the body.  What I love about our Beleza Team is their holistic approach to the skin, since our skin is our biggest organ and a vital part of overall healing.

Melissa Synder

Melissa joins Beleza Aesthetics with over 13 years of experience in the dental field. She started in dentistry because making a positive change in the lives of other people is something special to her. Dentistry directly reflected her mentality of helping others because the confidence people instantly gain after their appointment is truly unforgettable.

 Not only is dental health important to her, but so is overall health. Melissa also has experience working in a functional medicine office. Working with functional medicine has allowed her to learn how the body reacts to certain things and can ideally create a road map to a more healthier life style.

Over the years, Melissa knew her true passion was dentistry and wanted that to be her sole focus. Professional teeth whitening gave her the opportunity to continue dentistry, while also allowing the human connection with her clients to grow. Knowing the products are organic and plant based, Melissa was excited to merge dental health with her passion of healthy living. Using products during treatment that are actually good for you and results-driven are a win, win!

Marian Adamson

As I sit here writing this letter, mixed emotions inevitably enter my mind as I reflect on the past 41 years of my career in the esthetics industry. In trusting me with servicing your skincare needs, I had the privilege of opening Beleza Aesthetics. It provided me the opportunity in creating an environment where relationships and growth continued to flourish. I have been blessed with loyal clients throughout the years that I have learned valuable lessons from and have developed relationships with that are truly indescribable to me. Believe me, that is not a trite generalization.

After long and thoughtful deliberation, I have decided to retire. With this decision, I am more than honored to pass ownership of Beleza Aesthetics to licensed esthetician, Kaylea Hayslett. Her decade of experience in the skincare industry has brought her the knowledge, care of clientele and attention to detail necessary to continue successfully running Beleza Aesthetics. Kaylea’s dedication is evident the moment you meet her.

It is an understatement when I say I will truly miss each and everyone of you. Thank you for confidently standing by my side.

Thank You For Continuing To Choose Beleza,

Marian Adamson

The inspiration behind the name BELEZA

Translation and dedication are the two words I can use to describe the conception of Beleza. The Portuguese translation of the word “beauty” is Beleza. My grandparents were born in Portugal therefore making my mother 100% Portuguese. My mother dedicated 55 years of her life to the beauty industry. She was a cosmetologist, salon owner and obtained her teaching license and taught at the beauty schools. She finished the last 10 years of her career as an Esthetician. She has recently retired at the age of 80. I wanted to thank her for all the years of dedication to the progression of our industry. I think of the lives she touched as a technician, owner and teacher. She will never be forgotten by her clients, employees and students. I only hope to be as impactful to the profession as well as to individuals as she was and continues to be. I am thankful for her great professional example. I hope you love the name as much as I do!

Thank you for choosing Beleza,